Give Our Past A Future

WeTheSouk is a marketplace community focused on preserving Levant crafts and empowering Syrian artisans.

We blend contemporary design with Syrian craft techniques to create authentic art items. These items are handcrafted in the original workshops in Syria and are the outcome of designers from Switzerland collaborating with artisans from Syria.

The items we offer include accessories, home decor and furniture. These items are produced according to ancient crafts and techniques indigenous to Syria such as damascene silk, hand-blown glass, mosaic and mother of pearl embedding. WeTheSouk explores our shared cultural heritage and invites participants to discover commonalities and seek new connections through immersive cultural events and craft workshops. WetheSouk will reveal a hidden world steeped in tradition and poised for change.


Souk is Arabic for marketplace. Historically, the souk extended well beyond commerce. It was a place of community exchange where cultural, social and political dialogues took place. When the souk is buzzing it is a sign that the community is well.

The workshops are on the verge of collapse. We are at risk of losing these time-honored traditions. When you subscribe, spread the word, act as a cultural ambassador, place an order or propose a new way to animate the souk, as part of the community beyond the conflict zone, you constructively contribute to change. You enable the masters of these craft traditions to sustain their livelihood, preserve centuries of know-how and shift the focus forward to training up the next generation of artisans.

Join our community in order to empower the artisans to create and make new connections to designers, to connect with our shared heritage and to contribute to solutions that will design our tomorrow.